For the rest of this wiki, i will use QEMU, you can switch on virtualbox or what you want. I’ve alrealy create the archlinux system in an other post here.

So, i run my script for start the vm.

$ archvm


Control the network, launch dhcpcd if need:

# ping -c 1
# dhcpcd ens3


Next step is to install somes dependencies:

# pacman -S archiso git

Clone Gentoo-ZFS

My repository contain the necessary to install zfs-lts and somes script i need to autoformat a hdd with zfs.

# git clone

Copy files

Copy the releng directory from archlinux to build our custome image.

# cp -r /usr/share/archiso/configs/releng archlive
# cd archlive
# vim pacman.conf
Server =$repo/$arch

Edit the packages.x86_64 to include the good kernel, add:


And update somes files with my repository.

# cp -a Gentoo-ZFS/archiso/* archlive

Repo ArchZFS

Before build iso, you need import the gpg key for pacman from archzfs.

# pacman-key -r DDF7DB817396A49B2A2723F7403BD972F75D9D76 --keyserver hkp://
# pacman-key --lsign-key DDF7DB817396A49B2A2723F7403BD972F75D9D76 --keyserver hkp://
# pacman -Syy

Build ISO

# cd archlive
# mkarchiso -v -o out .

Rebuild ISO

If you need rebuild iso, then, do it:

# cd archlive
# rm -v work/*

And rebuild iso normally.

Retrieve the iso from qemu image

So, close your vm if it’s run.

# systemctl poweroff

Next, check Archvm.raw with fdisk utility.

$ sudo fdisk -l Archvm.raw
Disque vms/Arch.raw : 10 GiB, 10737418240 octets, 20971520 secteurs
Unités : secteur de 1 × 512 = 512 octets
Taille de secteur (logique / physique) : 512 octets / 512 octets
taille d'E/S (minimale / optimale) : 512 octets / 512 octets
Type d'étiquette de disque : gpt
Identifiant de disque : F49B432F-0EC9-4B4A-86E1-B3E1D6B8646D

Périphérique    Début      Fin Secteurs Taille Type
vms/Arch2.raw1   2048     6143     4096     2M Amorçage BIOS
vms/Arch2.raw2   6144   530431   524288   256M Système de fichiers Linux
vms/Arch2.raw3 530432 20971486 20441055   9,8G Système de fichiers Linux

You only need sector size, 512 here, and the beginning of partition 3: 530432.

$ bc 
530432*512 = 271581184

You have to mount this partition for retrieve the iso image:

$ sudo mount -o loop,offset=271581184 Archvm.raw /mnt
$ cp -a /mnt/root/archlive/out/build/archiso.iso ~
$ sudo umount /mnt


spl-linux-lts requires linux-lts=X.XX.XX

With this error, you have nothing to do, just wait some days, it’s happen when linux-lts is update from archlinux, the team of archzfs have to update somes file like src/kernels/ Once the repository is update, remove older build packages and rebuild iso:

# cd archlive
# rm -rf out/*
# ./ -v

Post an issue to github.