Autodidact, i’m interrest about thinks like computer, cook, musics, wargame…


I’m interested in topics like security hacking (XSS, CSRF, Fuzzing, Cracking, 0day…), privacy (Tor, GnuPG, VPN…), web development (Meteor, angular stack, SQL & No SQL database).

I alrealy use some programming language like:

  • PHP
  • Angular 1,2
  • Javascript
  • C
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Bash


Depend on the moment, i can listen to trance(goa, psychedelic), power noize, ambiant, classic, jazz, hip-hop, psychill…
I prefer the musics without any voices, it helps me to stay concentrate.

Kitchen: yeah i manage the base :)

I can cook many things like brioche, beef bourguigon, chili, pizza, cookie, Algerian Couscous and many other recipes.

Else, when i have time, i play video games like Starcraft, Dark Souls Or Path Of Exile or learn new things.


You can contact me by mail or you will find me sometimes on freenode on channels #archlinux, #gentoo, #dotshare.